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.: A Cinderella-Guy :.

You guys know about Cinderella, don’t you? It’s quite popular among kids. But, what if its story got twisted?

So here, to fresh your mind, I present you a funny short story about the new Cinderella!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the original story

Long, long, long, long ago, or maybe not long ago, or whenever you like, there was a guy named Cinderella.  And, Cinderella here, is really a guy! He often dressed up like a girl and got bullied by his family everyday because of his kink. Well, they’re not blood related though, which means he had a step-mother and two-step sister.  Actually, he was suffering  from forbidden love for his non-blood-related big-step-sister.

One day, there was an invitation from the palace to attend a ball for the sake of the prince. Well, you know the original story that the prince was looking for a bride. Cinderella really wanted to go to that ball because he had never gone to any party before. And so you know, his step-mother didn’t allow him to join the ball, …..because he is a GUY! How could a guy become the prince’s bride?!

But, the story won’t end here. When Cinderella alone in his house, the famous fairy Godmother came. And, guess what she did? She turned Cinderella into a girl! Quickly, Cinderella went to the ball. The prince stunned by Girl-Cinderella, fell in love at first sight, and suddenly proposed! But, the spell soon faded. Wait, it hasn’t end yet. As Cinderella turned back into a guy, the prince said,

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy….”.

After hearing such a creepy proposed, Cinderella ran. The runaway Cinderella in wanted nation wide.
At last but not least, here’s a notice from the palace,

“Please help the prince find Cinderella.”

And, anyway, in the final scene, Cinderella went and eloped with his big step-sister.

–          E N D        –

How was it? Entertained you enough? Hope so! And sorry about my bad english..

If you have some too on your mind, just share it! Arigatou! *bows*


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