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Jamil “American Shounen”, an American-born Japanese singer!

Let’s see…. First, where did I found this cute American Shounen? It’s in… FAIRY TAIL OPENING 8th!

Hahaha, have you opened the hot-link above? Actually, while I was watching Fairy Tail, I found this song interesting, because of the last sentence of the lyric!

kanji: やっぱりなにいってるかわからないよね?
romaji: Yappari nani itteru ka wakaranai yo ne?
means: I knew it, you don’t understand what I’m saying, right?

Hah! You will know what I meant when you read the whole lyric 🙂

Back to the topic. Who is this American Shounen? It’s JAMIL! It was said in his The Rock City Boy PV that he is 26-year-old American, has been living in Japan for 7 years, and met a certain girl 2 times in different times. So I assume that this song based on his experience about meeting the same person in different time, and he called it fate 😀 (this is merely my guessing, I don’t know the truth. Maybe someone out there will correct my guessing with comments below? 🙂 )

on July 21st 2011, he released his single Futari de Nakucha with I’m here, You’re There. And on August 3rd he finally released his first album American Shounen.


  • 1.Kataomoi no Omoi kata
  • 2.The Rock City Boy
  • 3.Get Away feat.Lafa Taylor
  • 4.Sora o Koete
  • 5.Futari de Nakucha
  • 6.BOKUMAMA ~Mou Hitotsu no Tanjoubi~
  • 7.Fall Up
  • 8.I miss you
  • 9.Ookina Ki No Shita
  • 10.I’m here,you’re there
  • 11.Keep On

This is the shocking truth (at least for me…)

Despite not being a native speaker, JAMIL used Japanese to write the entire song. “I wrote this song with my good friend Futoshi from Aqua Timez, but I feel like this song expresses the things I really wanted to convey,” he wrote on his official blog. [Tokyohive]

Say…WHAT?! He’s actually friend with that Futoshi? I love him more!!! *smoochsmooch*
Oh and he is also a huge fan of AKB48. One of the members of AKB48 and is actually the captain, Takahashi Minami, plays in The Rock City Boy PV as a cabin attendant, shrine maiden, and college student.

Why do I know him just now?! *headbang*

But my favourite PV is Futari de Nakucha :))


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  1. i love jamil ❤ oh and futoshi too. I mean he's so cute and all and ASDASHFGHAJFGAJG!!
    i'm not japanese but i love japanese songs

    • ooohhh finnaly i met someone with the same interest! i guess not many people know jamil yet…at least my friends don’t. but his japanese is good, and his songs too! and funny, of course XD

    • Andi Tonrasumange

      I love japan, and japanese song, i love to sing everysong i have: male singer, female singer, vocaloid. i love all of then.

  2. Any idea what happened with this guy, I mean It’s being over 2 years and I have not been able to find any news about him since the realease of the album .-. may I just didn’t search in the right places but I really would like to know if there is new material, his music is great and funny so a new song could be cool xD if you know something, please let me know
    btw Futari de Nakucha is also my favorite PV XD


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