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“Pop Culture Festival” at Jak-Japan Matsuri Feb 2012!

Firstly, let me say……BANZAAAAIIII!!! YATTA~ !

Eh? 何? What is ‘Jak-Japan Matsuri’? ‘Pop culture festival’?
Okay, okay, give me a moment. I will surely explain things one by one.

Jak-Japan Matsuri is a Japan festival hold in Jakarta, Indonesia. The festival has been going for years, including last year which was held in Monas. Now, this year’s festival will be held on February 25 at Balai Kartini by inviting AKB48 and on February 26 at Plaza Senayan XXI will present an anime, “Naruto“, and a concert of the new “L’arc en ciel” (I don’t really know what this means).

And, what is this ‘Pop culture festival’ doing at Jak-Japan Matsuri?
Well, it was Shimizu Chikara’s idea, one of the organizers of this festival and is also a  in JJC (Jak Japan Club).
Japan is currently promoting “Cool Japan” overseas, especially in developing countries like China, Korea, Singapore, India, and Indonesia. This “Cool Japan” concept introduces Japanese food, animation, music, and fashion abroad.

Getting excited now? Me too! I was surprised when I saw this news on someone’s wallpost on fb, espsecially about AKB48. I don’t know which team will come to this festival (team A? K? or B? or trainee?!) but it will surely be a surprise for AKB48’s fans in Indonesia. Moreover, there is JKT48, an official sister group of AKB48.


Source: Jak-Japan Matsuri 2012


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