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~The Glasses Prince and The Princess~

It’s been a while since I post my last story… (not really my story though, but I hope it can entertain you ^^).
Bored with old tales about princess like Snow White and Cinderella? Here’s a new story for your dream!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the original story

~The Glasses Prince and The Princess~

Long long ago in a castle, there lived a Glasses Prince, a boring, dark, and unattractive prince. There was once during the ball, no one ever paid any attention to him. The King worried about his son everyday. No, it’s not because why The Prince doesn’t look a bit like him, seriously. It’s because The King knew that if The Prince didn’t change his character, he would never find a wife. Thus, The King decided to consult the witch living in the forest.

The witch took out a vile of love potion. “Pour this love potion into The princess’s glass and she will belong to The Prince.” said the witch. The King gave The Prince the love potion, and the party began.

As usual, The Prince couldn’t even lift his head. All of the princess who were invited looked down on The Prince. But only one person, Princess ‘you-named-it-yourself’, was different with her radiant smile, she smiled at The Prince. With her whole body bathed in light, she captured The Prince’s heart immeadiately.

“Now, quickly pour the love potion into The Princess’s glass!” The King said.

The Prince wanted to do as told. However (yes there is always a BUT in a situation like this), The Kind Prince couldn’t do it after looking at the smile of The Princes (oh great now the prince name has changed). The Anxious King snatch away the vile and fed The Princess the potion himself instead (and now even the king has a nickname). Following that, Princess ‘you-named-it-yourself’ dyed with the colour of the love potion.

With her radiant smile lost, she could only look at The Prince with dull eyes. The Prince blamed his own uselessness for causing hurt to the person he loved. There, for the first time, The Prince worked up the courage…

“Please let your radiant smile return…” The Prince said while used his mouth to suck out the potion, or kiss for short. Not long after, The Princess came back. After she was healed, The Prince was ready to leave. However, again, The Princess said to The Prince, “Please let me be your wife.” This wasn’t the work of the potion, The Princess had also fell in love with The Glasses Prince. The Prince used his own strenght to win the love of The Princess, and they both loved happily ever after…


It should be different from other fairytales…except ‘the kiss’ and ‘live-happily-ever-after’ part.
Oh well, still interesting right? Please feel so.
Good night and sweet dream readers 🙂

Source The Glasses Prince and The Princess


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