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.:Fallacy – Explanation Part:.

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Remember the old post about Love is a Fallacy?
Though it had been explained by the genius, but now I will re-explain about the fallacies that appear on the story.
Enjoy 😀

1. Dicto Simpliciter
-> an argument based on an unqualified generalization.
ex: Exercise is good. Therefore, everybody should exercise.
truth: exercise isn’t good for a certain people, such as people who suffer heart disease.

2. Hasty Generalization
-> the generalization is reached too hastily.
ex: I can’t speak French. You can’t speak French. He can’t speak French. Nor she. Therefore I must conclude that nobody at this school can speak French.
truth: we can’t conclude the whole school just from a few people.

3. Post Hoc
-> blaming someone about something that isn’t related to him/her.
ex: Everytime we take him out with us, it rains.
truth: what the hell is his relation with the rain anyway? his ex?

4. Contradictory Premises
-> when the premises of an argument contradict each other, there can be no argument.
ex: If God can do anything, can He make a stone so heavy that He won’t be able to lift it?
truth: you shouldn’t think so hard about this. Just forget it.

5. Ad Misericordiam
-> appeal to other’s sympathy.
ex: When the boss asked a man what his qualifications are, he replied that he has a wife and 6 children, the wife is a helpless cripple, the children have nothing to eat, no clothes to wear… *sob sob*
truth: the boss didn’t ask about his family situation. basically the man just want the boss to pity him.

6. False Analogy
-> The situations are altogether different.
ex: Students should be allowed to look at their textbooks during exam. After all, surgeons have x-ray to guide them during an operation, carpenters have blueprints to guide them when they are building a house.
to tell you the truth: I agree with this. HAHA. But unfortunately, students aren’t in the same situation with doctors or carpenters. Students  are trying to improve their skill while doctors and carpenters are trying to show their skill.

7. Hypothesis Contrary to Fact
-> start with a hypothesis that isn’t true and then draw any supportable conclusions from it.
ex: If Madame Curie hadn’t happened to leave a photographic plate in a drawer with a chunk of pitchblende, the world today wouldn’t know about radium.
truth: The fallacy lays on the possibility of the event. It’s true that because of Madame Curie we nowadays know about radium. But it shouldn’t be Madame Curie, it can be someone else if Madame Curie hadn’t happened to leave a photographic plate in a drawer with a chunk of pitchblende.

8. Poisoning The Well
-> Accusing.
I bet you all know what accuse means. If not, use google translate!

Get what fallacy means?
And for you who haven’t read the story, go to the old post 😀


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