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“Ice and Snow”

Hey, it’s been a long time since I post…a story 🙂

Okay let’s peek a bit, I wonder what I have in my old folder…


Long long ago, there was a beautiful girl named Freedert. She had two childhood friends, Elliot and Kyle. Freedert and Elliot were actually in love with each other, while Kyle (who was also in love with Freedert) became very angry. Soon, there was a war and Elliot left to serve in the army. Before he left, Freedert gave him a sword to protect himself. Knowing Elliot will participate in the war, Kyle went and prayed to The Second Hand of Time, a white ice statue that can give or stop time. He wanted Elliot’s time to be taken away so that Elliot could not come home to his true love Freedert.

Unfortunately, Kyle’s prayer was granted. Elliot was strucked down with an arrow in the battle and died. When Freedert heard the news, she also prayed to The Second Hand of Time. She wanted the remainder of her time to be given to Elliot, which means that hers will be taken away, or in short, dead. Kyle never believed his selfish wish would take his Freedert from him.

When Elliot awoke, he found himself laying in the red roses that Freedert loved instead of his own blood. Elliot returned to the village and found a tombstone with Freedert’s name on it. At that time, Elliot learned that his loved ones had died. Because of his strong love for Freedert, Elliot chose to stab himself with the sword Freedert had given him. So he fell to his death in front of The Second Hand of Time and Freedert’s gift was shining with a bizarre light and became one with The Second Hand of Time.


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