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“In Those Empty Glass Eyes”

I’m currently bored. Hmm let’s see, I still have a few stories in my old folder, but they’re not my original story, so here I’m trying to tell you a story I know from some old games or a story that hasn’t been told (on google)…

Here’s a piece of a story from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (Playsation 1), about Etoile Rosenqueen.
Okay, enjoy!


Sir Rosenqueen sighed as he exited the dress shop. Tomorrow was the sixth birthday of his daughter, Etoile. He was extremely wealthy and could afford to buy her whatever she wanted, but he had not found a suitable gift.

He wanted to make this present especially special, as a sort of apology to her. Both he and his wife were extremely busy people, so they had little time to spend with their young daughter. Her parents gave their money instead, hoping Etoile would buy something that would make her happy. But, none of them made her smile. They had not seen their daughter smile since Cherie’s death, a mother of Cornet, Etoile’s closefriend.

Sir Rosenqueen walked witsfully down the streets of Mothergreen. Just as he was about to give up, something caught his eye. It was a doll. But its expression made her look so much like his Etoile. It was smiling, but her pale blue glass eyes had a sad, empty look in them.

Etoile spent most of her free time playing happily with Cornet and Cherie. But last year, Cherie had been killed in a tragic accident, which had deeply upset Etoile, who seemed to blame herself for it, saying over and over again, “I shouldn’t have let her go down there…”. Then Cornet had started playing with that strange little puppet, Kururu, and Etoile had seemed to feel left out of their close friendship.

Etoile finished sadly, remembering how different life was before Cherie had gone away. Why did those days have to end so quickly?

“Etoile? Are you okay?”

“Of course! Why on earth wouldn’t be?”

“Well, you looked real sad all of sudden…” Cornet whispered. “Were you thinking about Mommy again?” Cornet asked her with a smile, but she wasn’t smiling. Even…

“That’s none of your bussiness !” the rich girl snapped. Why did stupid Cornet always have to know what she was thinking and how she was feeling? It’s so annoying !

She turned away from the pair and started to run. They both called after her, but she didn’t respond.

What’s so great about being alone?

She ran towards her mansion. It started to rain. Water ran from her eyes down her cheeks, and though  she would swear it was just a rain. Now she really thought that no one could understand her feeling. She would continue her boring-life alone by herself.


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