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Anisong Artiste

Anisong Artiste



Seeing that line-up… I guess this was pretty much like AFASG2013’s artiste…

Well, Beside 「Eir Aoi」 and 「DJ Kazu」, there are new faces like 「EGOIST」 (Ryo-sama~), 「Hachioji P」 (Prince~) and「 Haruna Luna」 (Kawaii~), 「GARNiDELiA」 (The duo this year!). 「T.M Revolution」 isn’t a new face, but this year will be the first anisong concert (because last year he was only a guest star and not singing…).

So, will I come? Will you come?

I can’t decide for now, have to wait for the schedule per day… Hope TM.R will be on the same day with Eir Aoi!


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