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Gather, everyone~☆

Actually, this was a request from someone I know, a certain friend…. Especially for nano and yanaginagi

Anyway, the one I want to see the most is FLOW!!!! And GARNiDELiA is back Me and my friends are very excited

But buuuuuuuuuuuut… This year is my last semester and I’m afraid I can’t attend this year’s event because….my final assignment…and…this and that. Well, yeah, something like that….

That aside, I really hope (I can finish my final ass ASAP…) this year I can go having fun with my friends like last year too! Looking forward!


Errr I mean…




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Awww. It was just a split second, but the schedule is up already!

Anisong Concert

Anisong Concert

Too bad, reaaaalllyyyy bad… But I guess I know why they aren’t together.

Now I’m really confused about coming to which day of these superb concerts…



I’ve decided to go to both days! Hope the tickets wont be sold out before I buy it.

So excited!



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Anisong Artiste

Anisong Artiste



Seeing that line-up… I guess this was pretty much like AFASG2013’s artiste…

Well, Beside 「Eir Aoi」 and 「DJ Kazu」, there are new faces like 「EGOIST」 (Ryo-sama~), 「Hachioji P」 (Prince~) and「 Haruna Luna」 (Kawaii~), 「GARNiDELiA」 (The duo this year!). 「T.M Revolution」 isn’t a new face, but this year will be the first anisong concert (because last year he was only a guest star and not singing…).

So, will I come? Will you come?

I can’t decide for now, have to wait for the schedule per day… Hope TM.R will be on the same day with Eir Aoi!


Coming Soon The Biggest Event!

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This year on August 15th, 16th, and 17th we have…

Anime Festival Asia

Anime Festival Asia

Our third Anime Festival Asia! It’s on our Independence Day! Irony! >_<

Further information coming soon!

Looking forward to Anisong Artiste!

Find out more at AFA2014~

Obon Matsuri (Festival Arwah)

Enough posting story, mari kita simak sedikit tentang salah satu festival Jepang yang terkenal, yaitu Obon Matsuri 😀

Obon Matsuri (Festival Arwah) adalah sebuah perayaan Budha yang diadakan pada tanggal 13-15 Juli atau bulan Agustus (tergantung daerah). Festival ini dipersembahkan bagi arwah para leluhur.

Dipercaya bahwa pada hari-hari ini arwah mereka akan pulang ke rumah. Untuk memudahkan para arwah pulang ke rumah, mereka akan memasang penerangan dan api selamat datang di pintu depan rumah. Tujuannya adalah mengarahkan arwah-arwah tersebut agar tidak tersesat. Kemudian merekapun memasang lentera di dalam, membersihkan altar rumah, menyediakan sajian dan berdoa bagi ketenangan arwah para leluhur.

Biasanya, saat Obon Matsuri (festival arwah), warga Jepang berkumpul malam hari di lapangan, memakai yukata (kimono sederhana di musim panas) kemudian membuat putaran untuk menari-nari diiringi musik & tambur Jepang. Tujuannya adalah Read the rest of this entry

My favourite novelist is from Taiwan

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Wow! Wow! Wow!
I have so much things to say but I have to start with my intro because this is my first time I write something about her.

Hm? Who is she?
She is a beautiful woman who wrote a novel titled Legend of The Sun Knight (you can see the LSK fanpage there, on the right, and some translations on the blogroll part). Oh yeah I forgot to mention, her name is Yu Wo. She is taiwanese 😀

Born in April 29 1984,  she published her first novel (light novel) titled 1/2 Prince when she was 18 years old. So young! She was just attended a University back then. While me, who just attended a university for almost a year have did nothing like her, and what I did was just read her novel. By the way, the novels I read (currently) are 1/2 Prince and Legend of The Sun Knight (I knew it first from reading a manhua, scanlation by Odd Squad Translations).

In 2006, she published her second light novel titled LSK (Legend of The Sun Knight). There we go, my favourite story from her!
Oh, I think I haven’t  told you why I love her…  Novels, of course.

First, her way of thinking. It’s just….err…..ridiculous? Is that the right word?
I mean, she’s using some words and jokes that really made me open my mouth to the fullest, and made me scream to the extent, and then I got scolded by mom. I thank you to Yu Wo and the one who translated the chapters, you made my every-reading-LSK-chapter day more fun. Oh, I forgot again. It’s because in my country didn’t published Yu Wo’s books, I read it online. You can check it on my blogroll over there (yeah over there, on the right, the right. scroll it down!).

Second, the characters. She made it really meaningful and not common for me, I mean, I haven’t seen a character like that. It is said on her Q&A session in an event in Singapore (for more, visit Prince Revolutions!):

She then created the Sun Knight from the original concept of a someone working in the service industry, how they would put on an unchanging smile for the customers, but they might be feeling something entirely different inside.

Her imagination is too mainstream! If you know what I mean.

Source:  1/2 Prince wiki , Prince Revolutions!


GOOD NEWS! Though maybe it’s too late… H-2 or less?

Okay, whatever. The important thing is I finally post this!

For more information, click here!